Creating A Survey

Crafting a survey is a simple two-step process. First, choose a survey platform.

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Choose a Survey Platform

There are a variety of survey tools available – some are free and others are fee for use. If you have the resources, choose a platform that provides comprehensive analysis and graphic options for storytelling such as Qualtrics or Survey Monkey Premium.

If funds are limited, choose a free survey platform like Microsoft Forms or Google Forms. These platforms, which are relatively simple to use, provide basic analysis tools like bar graphs, pie charts and some word clouds.

To help you make your decision on which platform to use (beyond the question of cost vs. free), consider reading reviews of potential platforms and view “how-to” videos to help you discern the ease of survey creation and the options for analysis and reporting associated with that platform.

Consider Data Security

It’s also important to understand the level of security a survey platform can offer, especially if you plan to collect and store personal information such as physical and mental health status or demographic information.

Refer to the Data Security section earlier in this guide for an expanded discussion on security measures to consider.

Regardless of the size of your organization, be sure to talk through security questions with the person responsible for managing information technology and legal matters for your organization.

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