Vibrant cities cultivate thriving urban forests that boost public health, safety, sustainability and economic growth.

16th Street Mall in Denver. Photo courtesy VISIT DENVER

Urban Forestry Toolkit

Ready to get started? This comprehensive guide from the U.S. Forest Service provides a roadmap for putting green infrastructure to work in your community.

Urban Forestry Toolkit

Community Assessment & Goal Setting

Measure your community’s program against best practices.

Tool Library

A curated index of digital tools, apps, and calculators for urban forestry.

Urban Forestry Funding Action Guide

We can’t guarantee that by reading this guide you’ll see grants pouring in. Things like that simply don’t happen. Fundraising is a complicated task – one that blends careful research, solid reputation and deep relationships. This guide will get you started, and help you across the finish line.

A city’s green infrastructure — trees, vegetation and water — is just as important as its roads, pipes and power lines. Decades of research shows that our urban forests deliver measurable economic benefits, reduce strain on hard infrastructure and improve people’s health and quality of life. Urban forests are economical and effective.

Vibrant Cities Lab is a joint project of the U.S. Forest Service, American Forests and the National Association of Regional Councils, merging the latest research with best practices for implementing green infrastructure projects in your community.

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