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This report is a collaboration between the USDA Forest Service Eastern Region Urban and Community Forestry Program and the Northeast-Midwest Foresters Alliance Urban Committee. This report includes case studies for urban forestry arboriculture workforce development programs that provide employable skills, career pathways and encourages empowerment for underserved communities and individuals with history of incarceration in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, Detroit, and New Haven. This report also provides insight to the importance of urban green workforce development and considerations for arboriculture workforce development design.

Keywords: urban and community forestry, arboriculture, workforce development, empowerment, correctional workforce development, conservation corps, underserved, US Forest Service, Northeast-Midwest Foresters Alliance Urban Committee

Zwerver, Shea. (2022, September). Reducing recidivism through arboriculture workforce development. USDA Forest Service Eastern Region State and Private Forestry. Download Resource
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