Creating A Custom Survey: Personalize It

Additional Ways to Customize the Survey

Nature’s Impact on Human Health Action Guide Phase:

Include Introductory Text

It is helpful to include introductory text to orient the survey respondent to the purpose of the survey and provide information about the organization administering the survey.  We recommend including consent language that ensures respondents are proceeding with the questionnaire willingly.

The following is an example of introductory text included with the question bank. You can easily modify it for your own needs.

Answering any of these questions is completely voluntary. How and if you answer any of these questions will have no effect on your relationship with us. All of the information you provide during this survey will be kept private and confidential. Only summary information representing aggregated responses will be reported publicly. Risks from your participation in this survey are minimal due to the precautions taken to ensure private information is kept secure. There is minimal risk of your individual responses being revealed due to measures we are taking to secure your information. It should take about 15-30 minutes to complete the survey, and you may stop and withdraw from the survey at any time.

Ask About a Specific Green Intervention

Some survey questions in the question bank include text that says INSERT NAME OF EVALUATED GREEN INTERVENTION. A question with this option allows you to ask about a specific green intervention in your community such as a neighborhood tree planting, vacant lot restoration, or new or existing park or nature preserve.

Or, you may want to use a survey before a green intervention to better understand how your community feels about nature and human health priorities.

Ask About a Specific Disruption

Some questions in the question bank are focused on understanding how people feel as a result of a specific event, such a natural disaster or disruption. This could include the COVID-19 pandemic, a tornado, hurricane, flood or wildfire. Look for the questions that say INPUT SPECIFIC EVENT/NATURAL DISASTER/DISRUPTION. You will be provided an option to add a relevant date if you wish.

Include Closing Text

Consider adding closing text at the end of the survey. It can be as simple as a thank you, where and when to look for the survey results, or a call to action, such as a link to a website or social media site.

The following text is included at the end of the question bank as one example of how a survey can be ended.

Thank you so much. This information will be really helpful. We will share results on NAME OF ORGS social media. So feel free to follow us!

Nature’s Impact on Human Health Action Guide