The Pitch

Every donor – individual or institution – has reasons they want to give. Understand those reasons, and make certain your prospectus addresses them explicitly. Be specific about how and why your project will produce the outcomes they seek.

Urban Forestry Funding Action Guide Phase:


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Focus attention on the problem
  • tell a story or stories that illustrate what you’re trying to do
  • refer to research that confirms your perspective
  • if you can’t bring along a program participant, a video of someone telling their story can be powerful
  • frame the problem from the funder’s perspective

People don’t just want to “fund” things. They want a sense of ownership as well – the sense they’re doing something concrete, tangible and impactful that reflects their values.

Describe your solution
Key talking points
  • differentiate yourself from others attacking the same problem
  • describe your approach in outline form, preferably in sequence [see above about brevity]
  • focus on outcomes and impact
  • explain — and agree on — the metrics you’ll use to measure success
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Urban Forestry Funding Action Guide