The Four “Rs”

In most communities, somebody’s already doing – or thinking about – what you’re trying to do. They needn’t be competitors. Instead, learn from what they’ve accomplished and make a place for yourself.


Whether that’s as a collaborator, cooperator or “competitor” trying to push the leading edge forward, you’ll need to address the Four “Rs”.

Urban Forestry Funding Action Guide Phase:

Make These Part of Your Organization’s DNA


After a decade, TreePhilly is one of the nation’s most prominent local tree planting organizations. Among their innovative “guerrilla marketing” tactics, overnight appearance of tags hanging from trees in prominent public places.

Relationships matter.  Nonprofit leaders spend more time building personal relationships with major donors as their gifts become larger. In the coming years, the most common trend nonprofit leaders expect to see … is that they place greater focus on building personal relationships with major donors.

Council on Effective Philanthropy, 2020

Outputs vs OutcomesThis example, created by a church, shows the clear differences between outputs, outcomes and broader based social impact.

Urban Forestry Funding Action Guide