Identify Challenges and Opportunities

Ensure your management goals and objectives can still be achieved.

Climate & Health Action Guide Phase:

Once you have identified the climate change impacts on your project area, consider how these impacts could influence your goals and objectives.

Four questions can be useful to help you evaluate your project goals and objectives in the context of climate change:

  • What new or different challenges need to be addressed as a result of climate change and related stressors?
  • What new opportunities might be available as a result of anticipated changes?
  • Are your management practices enough to overcome the challenges and meet your management goals and objectives?
  • Do any of your goals or objectives need to change?
Example Considerations of Climate Change Challenges and Opportunities
Management ObjectiveChallenge from Climate ChangeOpportunity from Climate ChangeFeasibility
Have no more than 20% of a family, 10% of a genus and 5% of a species across all street treesClimate change may reduce habitat suitability for some species on the planting listNew species from one hardiness zone south can be considered for planting
Increase a neighborhood or city’s tree equity score from 20 to 40 pointsTrees planted by residents in private yards may experience variable precipitation and dry conditions, making it more difficult for residents to care for treesA warming climate may allow for a broader range of species to be introduced to the city’s forest, increasing diversityMedium
Reduce area covered by invasive buckthorn from 10% to no more than 5%Buckthorn may leaf out earlier with warmer spring temperatures. Carbon dioxide may enhance growth ratesNew native species may be able to out-compete buckthornLow
Maintain existing and develop new walking trailsRecreational and visitor demands may increase as people go to parks to escape the heat
Increased costs associated with hazard tree removal can limit ability to create new trails
New trails provide an opportunity to design trails in a manner that reduces impacts from extreme weather while promoting positive nature experiencesMedium


Climate & Health Action Guide