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Urban trees reduce particulate matter (PM10) concentrations and maximum daytime summer temperatures. While most cities are losing tree cover, some are considering ambitious planting efforts. Maximizing PM10 and heat mitigation for people from such efforts requires cost-effective targeting. We adapt published methods to estimate the impact of a decade (2004–2014) of tree cover change on city-level PM10 and heat mitigation in 27 U.S. cities. Along with a new methodology for estimating local-level PM10 and heat mitigation by street trees and tree patches, we map potential tree planting sites in the 27 cities and assess the population-weighted return on investment (ROI) of each site.

Timm Kroeger, Robert I. McDonald, Timothy Boucher, Ping Zhang, Longzhu Wang

Where the people are: Current trends and future potential targeted investments in urban trees for PM10 and temperature mitigation in 27 U.S.Cities

Landscape and Urban Planning, 2018

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