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Annotated list of the various plans, policies, projects and programs through which communities of any size can integrate green infrastructure into their operations. Includes examples of how policies and plans can be applied. Addresses coastal flooding.

American Planning Association -- Green Communities Center


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Supporting a Regional GI Plan Through Local Policy


The American Planning Association (APA) has compiled an encyclopedia of best practiices for planning and implementing green infrastructure: comprehensive plans; specialty plans [i.e. GI, watershed, resilience] The report first discusses local plans which includes more classic types of plans (comprehensive) and specialty plans (GI, watershed, and climate adaption). It lists ways to connect different plans with GI and then provides examples of how communities have made that connection. Importantly for management on private lands, the report discusses different types of incentives and regulatory rules, including overlay districts, special zoning districts, low impact development standards, site design standards, transfer of development rights and GI development incentives. Also offers tools to help educate both the public and officials about the benefits of green infrastructure.

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