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The Container Tree Nursery Manual (CTNM) consists of 7 volumes, all under the same series number- USDA Agricultural Handbook 674. Each volume contains chapters on closely related subjects concerning the production of tree and woody shrub seedlings in containers.

Titles of Volumes

  1. Nursery Planning, Development, and Management (1995)
  2. Containers and Growing Media (1990)
  3. Atmospheric Environment (1992)
  4. Seedling Nutrition and Irrigation (1989)
  5. The Biological Component: Nursery Pests and Mycorrhizae (1990)
  6. Seedling Propagation (1999)
  7. Seedling Processing, Storage, and Outplanting (2010)

Keywords: tree nursery, container nursery, manual, seedling, management, nursery development

USDA Forest Service

Agricultural Handbook No. 674

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