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Ordinances are the framework for community cooperation and expectation. Tree ordinances are necessary to preserve and protect municipal resources and infrastructure just as any other municipal resources, e.g. streets, parks, sewers, water and utilities. There are several types of ordinances which can regulate the preservation, protection and planting of trees. The ordinances accompanying this introduction are for properties where some form of development has already taken place. These ordinances would not regulate undeveloped sites, large scale site improvements or even potential tear downs.

An effective tree preservation ordinance is one that is based on an urban forest management plan (UFMP). However, many communities do not have an UFMP in place. We have provided a three tiered ordinance structure which allows your municipality to become engaged and opportunities to move to a higher level of ordinance as your time and resources permit.

Chicago Region Trees Initiative, 2016

The Morton Arboretum, Openlands, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, Chicago Park District, Forest Preserves of Cook County, Illinois Arborist Association, Illinois Green Industry Association, Illinois Landscape Contractors Association, Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, The Nature Conservancy, TREE Fund, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and U.S. Forest Service, 2016

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