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Written by four researcher-practitioners who have spent their careers focused on urban forestry and natural resources management in New York City, this piece reflects on some of the progress of the field to date and looks ahead to the future. First, it briefly synthesizes literature from environmental justice, identifying the concepts of distributional, procedural, and relational justice and showing how these apply to urban greening. Second, it reflects on promising examples from practice that show how we can: support human capacity and care; engage in community organizing beyond the green silo; and re-envision the functions of the urban forest. Finally, it identifies key questions for practitioners to consider going forward in the pursuit of “just cities”.

Keywords: urban forestry, natural resources, management, environmental justice, urban greening, practice, human care, community engagement

Campbell, Lindsay K.; Svendsen, Erika S.; Johnson, Michelle L.; Plitt, Sophie. 2022. Landscape and Urban Planning. 224(6): 104445. 8 p. View Resource Download Resource
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