How Does Your Urban Forestry Program Match Up Against Best Practices

No urban forestry program is perfect, but the Community Assessment & Goal-Setting Tool can help identify ways any program can improve.

Urban Forestry Toolkit

Working toward continuous improvement

Most managers strive to improve their programs — the policies and ordinances that underlay them; funding; training; establishment and maintenance practices, among other program elements. Vibrant Cities Lab’s Community Assessment & Goal-Setting Tool, based on original work by Clark and Methany, incorporates 28 criteria each with its own set of indicators. The tool allows you to characterize the current status of your program, and then set a goal for each criterion based on your community’s needs and potential capacity. When completed, the tool automatically calculates a “gap analysis” on nine different categories:

Community Assessment & Goal-Setting Tool final results and scorecard example


The Assessment Tool can be used by individuals, or by groups as part of a facilitated planning process. Please note that the tool is most useful for people already familiar with urban forestry programs and practices.


Urban Forestry Toolkit