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Traditionally, conservation practitioners measure success in dollars, acres and biological diversity, and do not often consider factors related to community well-being. Whole Measures for Urban Conservation (WMUC) seeks to broaden the definition of success for urban conservation to include support for equitable outcomes that improve human well-being in cities

Whole Measures for Urban Conservation (WMUC), based on Center for Whole Communities’ Whole Measures, was produced in partnership with The Nature Conservancy as part of the launch of the North America Cities Network. Led by Center for Whole Communities, a team of Conservancy staff from the Cities Network developed the rubric and provided key input for the guidance
portion of the document.

WMUC includes four primary areas of measurement and is a reference point for leaders interested in prioritizing benefits to low-income communities and advancing justice and equity in their work.


Center for Whole Communities, The Nature Conservancy, 2017 View Resource
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