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This toolkit was created to place all urban forestry program and policy answers for South Carolina in one place. Although it is specific to South Carolina, the information is quite general and applicable to urban forestry programs across the country. It is intended as a reference guide to address the needs of planners, urban foresters and policy makers, from beginner to advanced expert. It is intended as a reference guide, rather than a book to be read from cover-to-cover.

Keywords: urban forestry, urban and community forestry, urban tree management, South Carolina, forest management, forestry practices, access, community, governance, zoning, planning

Green Infrastructure Center, Inc. & South Carolina Forestry Commission, Urban and Community Forestry Program.

(2021, June). Planners forest toolkit: A guide for South Carolina’s towns, cities and counties. SC Urban and Community Forestry Program. SCFC_Planner’s_Forest_Toolkit_2021-06.pdf

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