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An analysis of trees in New York City reveals that this city has about 5.2 million trees with canopies that cover 20.9 percent of the area. The urban forest currently stores about 1.35 million tons of carbon valued at $24.9 million. In addition, these trees remove about 42,300 tons of carbon per year  and about 2,202 tons of air pollution per year.  Information on the structure and functions of the urban forest can be used to improve and augment support for urban forest management programs and to integrate urban forests within plans to improve environmental quality in the New York City area.

DJ Nowak, RE Hoehn III, DE Crane, JC Stevens, and JT Watson

Nowak DJ, Hoehn RE III, Crane DE, Stevens JC, Walton JT. Assessing urban forest effects and values, New York City’s urban forest, US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northern Research Station. Resource Bulletin no. NRS-9., 2007.

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